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Office shading solution

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Office space is the place where people work. Basically, office workers spend their day in the office during the day. Most of the office space uses
large areasof glass to increase the transparency and natural lighting of the office space. However, if no suitable shade products are applied to
glass windows, the glare caused by direct sunlight will seriously affect the normal work of employees, and the warming effect brought by the
summer sun radiation will greatly increase the energy consumption of air conditioners. Therefore, the glass windows of the office space must
be equipped with suitable shading products.

Emlux can provide professional shading solutions for all types of office space, and configure reasonable shading products to provide comfortable
lighting environment and save air-conditioning energy consumption for corporate office space.The products for indoor shading of glass windows
in office spaceare generally applied to roller shutters and venetian blinds. Of course, there are other window shade products such as electric
Shangri-la blinds and motorized drapery curtains system.
Normally, if you need to adapt to a high-end office environment, the electric shade products of electric roller blinds or electric blinds are usually
recommended. If ordinary shading products are needed, manual roller blinds or manual blinds can be used for shading. Manual roller blinds
or venetian blinds are relatively low-cost, and the control method is controlled by hand; while electric window blinds and other electric window
shade products such as electric roller blinds or electric venetian blinds can remotely control the lifting or turning of the sunshade products for
easy operation. And sometimes whenthe glass window area is too large or too high, manual operation is not convenient, the application of 
automatic shading products is a good solution.

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