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How To Assembly The Curtain Rails

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How To Assembly The Curtain Track

1. Assemble the track and tighten all jointe screws on back sides. Take the time to make 
sure these are perfectly aligned. Sand any rough spots. Set track on a flat surface, 
slotted side up.
2. DO NOT cut the belt. For single side draw, the belt circles around both pulley ends and 
meets in the middle. Set the end pulleys (the large plastic ones with a slot for the motor) 
on the same plane as the track but not yet connected. Make sure the motor slot side of 
pulley faces up. Remove the tensioners (metal L-shaped right angle piece) from the end 
pulleys - with a phillips head screw driver and set aside.
3. Run the belt through the channel on the bottom of the assembled track, then push it 
around one of the pulley ends. When it comes out of the end pulley, add the plastic two 
piece end cap and then insert it in one of the plastic trolley pieces with the wheels of 
the trolley piece toward the pulley. Insert the belt with attached trolley into the top 
track and pull it halfway down the track.
4. On the opposite end, repeat the process in step 3. Feed the belt through the pulley, 
then add the end cap and trolley. Remember to insert the trolley with wheels facing away 
from center of track, toward the pulley you just fed the belt through. Feed the belt with 
trolley attached into the top track and pull toward the first trolley. Now put the pulley 
ends on the track. There is some available adjustment since the pulleys can overlap track 
on each side up to about 3/4”. Pull the trolleys so that they meet.
5. At this point you need to assess the belt length. The two trolleys need to meet in the 
middle where they will be fastened together. If there is too much slack you may need to 
trim half to 1" or 1 gap from the belt so that the ends meet correctly and you can properly 
tension the belt. This will mean undoing or cutting off one of the trolley ends, and 
redoing the steps above. There are extras of these pieces.
6. After adjusting belt so that the trolleys meet, insert the comb-like metal piece 
vertically into the center of the two trolleys. Carefully consider which direction the 
leading edge of the curtain should face. Bolt on the leading edge S-shaped metal piece 
through the trolleys and add the three hole backer plate to the opposite edge. The backer 
plate has threaded holes so no nuts are required. Insert the curtain rings all on the 
correct side of the trolley. Insert both tensioners.
7. Now tension the system. This works better with two people. Try to split the difference 
in the overlap of the pulley and track. Fasten one tensioner. With a partner varying the 
tension on the unfastened pulley end, test the operation by pulling the trolley. Fasten 
down the remaining tensioner at the point where the trolley moves most freely.
8. Mount on wall or ceiling using supplied hardware. Keep in mind that the weight of the 
motor hangs from the track.
9. Mount motor and power supply.
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