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Hotel window shade solution

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There are many types of curtains suitable for hotels, but some other window decoration products such as Roman blinds,electric Shangri-la blinds, electric honeycomb blinds, pleated curtains, roller blinds, and venetian blinds are also many in hotel window shade application. Emlux can provide professional hotel window shade solutions according to the individual design decoration needs of hotel designers and the shading and dimming needs of hotel rooms, and cooperate with the hotel design to complete the overall window shade solution design, product supply, installation and after-sales, etc. The final realization of a series of hotel window shades.

The window shade products of high-end star hotels usually require high-end, beautiful and convenient to use, highlighting
high-end and high-end properties. For window shade products, electric window shade products are usually applied, 
and remote control or buttons are used to control the opening of window shade products. Close, lift and flip
combination and collocation of window shading products in various areas of the hotel:
hotel lobby
Roller blinds, Roman blinds
Hotel public recreation area
Electric opening and closing curtains + opening and closing curtains, soft curtains, Shangri-la curtains
Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Shangri-La Blinds, and Velour Blinds
hotel room
Closing Cloth + Closing Blinds Closing Cloth + Semi-Transparent Honeycomb Blinds Roman Blinds + Blind Roller Blinds 
Closing Blinds + Semi Blind Roller Blinds Closing Blinds + Blind Rolls Blinds Blinds + Wood Blinds
Hotel room bathroom partition
Wood shutters, aluminum shutters, roller blinds, Shangri-la curtains, soft curtains, honeycomb curtains

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