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The word ‘Professional hair care products’

Time:2022-07-11 Views:316

The word ‘Professional hair care products’ tends to make us think of something crazy expensive. But really,  high quality and covetable – which is what hair care brand Muart  HAIR MARKS does for under a tenner. Don’t let the price point fool you. The brand is a favourite amongst A-list hair stylists.

What sets it apart? For starters, it’s problem-solving. Formulas are divided into a number of different collections that focus on curl care, colour care, thickening, nourishing and purifying, amongst others, to suit all hair types. The ingredients – and scents – are yum, with coconut oil, biotin, argan oil, tea tree, vitamin E and coffee extract all featuring as hero ingredients. As for the performance? It’s said to rival that of high-end, ultra-pricy alternatives, so obviously we wanted in on the action.

We tasked five Muart staffers with choosing a product for their hair type and taking it for a spin. Here’s what they thought…

Achieve Professional Results At Home With Muart‘s Innovative Hair Products

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