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Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Curtain Rail and Tracks

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Q:I want an Electric Track in my Bay Window. Can the Emlux Autoglide track be bent?
A:Yes! The Autoglide electrical curtains tracks can be bent up to twice per track to a 
minimum radius of 200mm at an additional cost will arise.please let us know first for 
bending  and we‘ll get in touch to go through the measurements with you once the order is 
Q:Are curtains supplied with the electrical curtain rail?
A:No, these are just the electric curtain rails systems, allowing you hang your own choice 
of curtain. You can use standard curtains, with standard curtain hooks, unless you order 
the Emlux Wave Header system, in which case your curtains will need special Emlux Wave 
Header tape and ripple fold runner.
Q:Is the "Length of Track" requested on your question inclusive of the motor?
A:Yes, the track is the same size with or without the motor as it hangs down behind the 
track, so please enter the full length, from one end of the gap to the other.
Q:Do you supply these electric curtains with hooks? If not, which Emlux curtain hooks are 
A:Standard curtain hooks work perfectly well with the track and there is no specific hook 
recommended. Hooks are not supplied with the tracks.
Q:How long will it take to receive my electric curtain track order?
A:On average, just 5 - 7 working days for your automated curtains track to be made to your 
custom measurements and shipped out to you (approx. 10 days for bent electric tracks).
Q:What happens if the electric curtains track is found to be scratched or damaged when it 
is unwrapped?
A:When initially signing for the items, if the boxes look damaged, please sign for them 
damaged or send them back. If the packaging looks fine and when you open up the product is 
damaged then please contact us on +8613922137729 and we will organise the product to be 
picked up and a replacement sent. The Product comes with a 3 year warranty(motor for 
3year warranty ,accessories for 1 year warranty).
Q:How much does delivery cost for the Autoglide motorised curtain system?
A:Delivery of tracks and curtain rails to addresses are depend on quantity and the 
countury! The price you see on this website is EXW price.
Q:Can the electrical curtain tracks be operated manually in the event of a power cut?
A:Officially, no.... (but unofficially we‘ve found you can pop the motor off to achieve 
manual operation if required!).
Q:Can you supply spare parts for Electric Curtain tracks?
A:Yes.Please see the automated curtains spares / components page for parts for the current 
Autoglide systems. We can supply spares for older systems such as belt,runner,rails etc.
Q:Can it be supplied with 6 wall fixing brackets - to make use of existing holes?
A:Brackets are supplied 100mm in from each end, then another bracket every 500mm – 700mm 
intervals. Extra brackets can be supplied if required.
Q:Which couriers will you use to deliver my automated curtains order?
A:Door to door is TNT,DHL ,FEDEX, airport to airport ,sea transportation, any way will 
according your requirement.
Q:Do you offer any other colours than white?
A:The Emlux curtain tracks are only made in white at the moment. We can manufacture black 
track.the black color need the MQQ.
Q:What weight curtains can these tracks support?
A:Motor torque is 1.5-2Nm can support up to 50kg if straight within 6 meter, up to 35kg if 
bent. 25kg includes most light to medium weight domestic curtains.