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Electric Curtian motor

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Q:What is included with my YS-MT121 or YS-MT750 Curtain Track System purchase?

A:Track, motor, eyelets, remote control, mounting brackets and installation instructions.

Q.:What‘s you recommond of curtian tracks?

1.Due to the the curtain track are different by each customers, we made to measure tracks fully assembled for projects.
2.we provide alll accessories such as gear box, belt,runner,rails pulley etc to our clients,so that he can assembly in their countury
Q:Can I adjust length of my YS-MT121/MT190 or YS-MT750 Curtain Track System?
A:Adjusting length of your YS-MT series curtain Track is a very complicated and cumbersome process. It requires completely 
dismantling the Track, cutting it, using special metal-cutting electric saw and then re-assembling it. If the size of your 
curtain track requires adjustment for your project, please specify exact length at the time you are placing your 
order and we will adjust it for you at no additional cost.
Q:What is the difference between YS-MT121,YS-MT190 and YS-MT750 models of the Cutain Track models?
A:All motor are designed for power connection through Power Adapter ( curtain motor Adapter built-in ). 
YS-MT190/MT750D/MT121D  models are designed for direct power connection to your household electrical system (no wall 
switch option).there are designed for direct power connection to your household electrical system with optional 
connection to a wall switch (can be purchase separately). there are designed for direct power connection to your 
household electrical system with optional connection to a wall switch with constant power supplyto the motor. (requirement
for some home automation systems such as wifi switch)..
YS-MT121/MT750 have ready to ship
Q:How long is the warranty from PowerCurtain for Motorized Curtain Systems?
A:Motor thee years ,accessories for one years