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Automatic sunshade makes your winter garden no longer a steamer

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The crystal clear sun room will definitely add a lot to your building. The cold winter will definitely bring you a lot
of warm sun, but this hot summer sun will definitely turn your sun room into a steamer. Measurement, the summer sun 
room indoor and outdoor temperature difference can reach up to 20 degrees, can not stay inside, even with a high-powered
air conditioner, open to the maximum refrigeration can not solve the problem, Shanghai Lingshuo company developed electric
sunshade, Can solve your troubles and make your sun room no longer a steamer!
The sun room without electric sunshade is a greenhouse. The electric sunshade is like an umbrella for the sun room. Oh, it
can also be said to be a sun hat, not only blocking the sun from entering the room, blocking the damage of ultraviolet 
rays to the human body. Let your sun room become a good place for your summer heat and cool!
According to the latest authoritative report, the electric sunshade system can block ultraviolet and radiant heat, adjust 
visible light and prevent glare, and adjust natural airflow to improve the environment. At the same time, the system can 
effectively reduce indoor temperature, protect human health, reduce energy consumption of air conditioners, and achieve 
energy saving. According to experts’ predictions, if all the buildings in the city of Shanghai use glass with high thermal
 insulation performance, the building energy consumption can be saved by at least 25%, and in one year, 240 million kWh 
can be saved. Based on this number, if
The types of electric sunshades can be divided into indoor electric sunshade, outdoor electric sunshade and facade 
electric sunshade. The external sunshade is installed outside the greenhouse, mainly for roofing and external shading. It 
is mainly used for greenhouse lighting adjustment and summer cooling. It is often used with external curtains with strong 
anti-ultraviolet function. The inner shading screen has sunshade cooling compared with the outer shading screen. In 
addition to the role of reducing the indoor heat load, enhance the thermal insulation capacity, it is often referred to 
as the sunshade insulation system; the function of the fa?ade shade is the shading and heat preservation, not only to 
adjust the indoor lighting, but also to reduce the side wall cooling The ability to increase the capacity of the greenhouse.
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