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electric curtains‘ Function

Automatic open,close, stop, Percent control function Voice control function such as Google assistant, Amazon alexa, IFTTTT

Automatic sunshade makes your winter garden no longer a steamer

Greener and more energy efficient. Motorized shade for winter garden

Electric Curtian motor

Question:What is included with my YS-MT121 or YS-MT750 Curtain Track System purchase? Question:the window size is different for each, so what the soluction of the curtain track.

Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Curtain Rail and Tracks

Q:I want an Electric Track in my Bay Window. Can the Emlux Autoglide track be bent? A:Yes! The Autoglide electrical curtains tracks can be bent up to twice per track to a minimum radius of 200mm at an additional cost will arise.please let us know first for bending and we‘ll get in touch to go through the measurements with you once the order is placed.

2017 Smart Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project Review and Outlook 2018

In the past three years, with the vigorous promotion by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Industrial Internet Pilot Demonstration Project including Manufacturing Cloud Platform, which was stripped out by MIIT in 2016, the number of pilot projects for smart manufacturing has reached and exceeded the number of pilot projects conducted by MIIT Huaijin Peng in 2015, To 2018 to cultivate 100 smart manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprise "goal.